Who We are

Owton Fens Community Association (OFCA), is a registered charity, (number 519172), the organisation was formed in 1985 to develop and support initiatives and opportunities to improve the quality of life of local residents suffering from a multitude of social and economic problems. From humble beginnings, whereby members worked from an old demountable unit based in school grounds, offering services to residents living in south west wards of Hartlepool only employing two staff members to now, 2007 where OFCA is a unique and thriving organisation working for the benefit of all residents living in wards identified as suffering from multiple disadvantage throughout Hartlepool and employing more that thirty staff, providing a raft of innovative services and projects that are aimed at a more inclusive society.

In the 33 years since its inception in 1985 OFCA has developed into one of Hartlepool’s most recognisable, distinctive and well-regarded facilitators of town-wide community development and neighbourhood renewal programmes whilst retaining its commitment to an ethos of empowering local people to become actively involved in the design and delivery of projects aimed at effectively improving their economic, social and environmental circumstances.

"We were the first voluntary organisation in the UK to provide an area based job club, which successfully engaged the hardest to reach clients."