Community Projects

Community Capacity Building project(CCB)

The Association are recognised as the key community organisation in Hartlepool and works in partnership with the Hartlepool Borough Council and other agencies to provide opportunities to enhance the quality of life for local residents. The capacity building project enables the Association to offer focused and co-coordinaccb ofcated opportunities for local people by identifying needs and providing Advice/Information and support to empower local community leaders and organisations The project aims to develop and enhance the capacity of local groups and individuals living and working throughout Hartlepool, by educating, training and supporting potential community leaders, organisations and networks to enable greater participation in the local regeneration-taking place.Helping to identify and remove barriers for local people to participate in regeneration initiatives by developing and facilitating the capacity for local residents to partake in opportunities that allow local individuals to increase their knowledge and skills ensuring that the community can play an active part in local initiatives which will assist real achievable sustainable regeneration.

Community Employment Outreach (CEO)

The project provides a valuable stepping-stone for people to increase their education, employability and skills, linking into other schemes provided by the association and other organisations, offering work experience, basic skills training and volunteering therefore offering local people the opportunity to progress into further education, jobs and self-employment. The project is aimed at addressing issues around social exclusion for local residents and offered them an informal accessible local pathway to increase their skills and employability The Project provides accessible advice, support and information and informal learning to those members of the community who have previously been hard to reach, such as lone parents, un-waged, 50 plus, disabled and un-employed offering the opportunity and links to re-engage them back into economic activities. Removing identified barriers to training and employment through the provision of accessible Advice, Information and Guidance, is fulfilled through outreach work contacting local people in their own social environment on an individual basis to identify their skills, training needs and barriers to partake in opportunities ceo ofca.

Project Youth Oppotunities (YO!)

The project will provide young people 13 - 24 who would normally be excluded or facing exclusion from education, employment and training, work experience in different work environments enabling young people to learn new life and social skills, promote active citizenship and gain accredited qualifications up to NVQ level 2. The overall aim of the project is to offer young people living in some of the most disadvantaged wards in Hartlepool, the opportunity to gain work experience, practical skills and a gradual adaptation to a working environment. The project re-motivates and builds the confidence of young people who are excluded or facing exclusion to help them to take on employment or training and help to prepare them to enter the labour market. The project offers early intervention through work experience, basic skills training and counselling to re-engage those who have been disengaged from the formal education system. The project provides early intervention through offering placements for young people who are excluded from education, employment and training or are referred to the project by other support agencies, on projects that provide services to the most vulnerable members of the community. Working with young people in an environment that encourages them to learn new skills, continue and complete their education, socially interact with other members of the community, enables them to make a contribution to the quality of life of the community and learn new life and social skills promoting active citizenship in a way that can be transferred to further training and future employment. The project places young people in operational environments provided through partnerships and projects that compliment, enhances and importantly, validates their skills, young people have the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and employability through the provision of work experience and basic skills training, supporting social inclusion activities that enhance their quality of life, build their confidence, skills and employability, supporting them with advice and information and signposting to other organisations and projects to enhance their employment opportunities.